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Bob Campion of Old World Trading Company has traded in south west London since 1965 and is now based every Saturday at the ADMIRAL VERNON ARCADE,PORTOBELLO ROAD.W11 2DY. Cabinets of ancient art from many cultures,marble statuary and a collection of Apulian vases from the 4th.century BC. are on view. All items are offered and guaranteed as genuine. SHIPPING CHARGES No extra charge is made for the shipping of Antiquities in the UK.For other destinations please contact us. Antique Items from the stock of Old World Trading Company of Chelsea will appear this month on the Home Page. NEW sub-CATEGORIES FOR 'COINS' UNDER GREEK and ROMAN. Look at these sites www.ThePortobelloMarket.co.uk www.AntiquesatPortobello.comdescriptions www.oldworld.co.uk See us on E Bay.Seller:- gelabc

Current Catalogue of Items for Sale

Apulian Plate

Apulian Plate

Apulian Plate, blackware


ANTIOCHUS V11 Eurgetes


Silver Tetradrachm. Antioch Mint. Reverse: Athena Nikephorus Weight:15g.Diameter: 29mm


Valentinian I.AD.364-375

Bronze.AES2 Valentinian I.AD.364-375

A bronze coin for Valentinian 1. Minted in ANTIOCH. OBVERSE LEGEND:D.N.VALENTINIANUS P F AUG Diademed head,Cuirassed bust. Reverse Legend: VIRTUS XERCITI Emperor standing with spear and globe with foot on a captive. Beneath: 'ANTI' for Antio...


Hadrian.Roman Emperor.AD.117-138

Two Silver Denarii. Hadrian.Roman Emperor.AD.117-138

1. Silver Denarius for the emperor Hadrian.AD.187-138. Weight.2.8g.Dia.19mm. Obverse Legend:HADRIANUS AUG.COS.111 PP The emperor bare headed,drapes over shoulder. Reverse Legend: MONETA AUG Moneta holding scales and cornucopia. 'Monsta' ...


Lucius Marcius Phillipus.consul 56BC

Silver Denarius Lucius Marcius Phillipus.consul 56BC

Phillipus was a descendant of the Roman King Ancus Marcius and stepfather of the Emperor Augustus. He was made Consul in 56BC.


L.Rubrius Dossenus

Silver Denarius L.Rubrius Dossenus

A silver denarius made by the moneyer L.Rubrius Dossenus in 87BC. Minted in Rome.Weight:3.4G.Diameter:17mm Obverse:laureate head of Jupiter over the legend 'DOSSEN'.Reverse:quadrigal carpentum.'LRVBRI' in exergue. Sear 258

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