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7 Nozzle Terra cotta oil Lamp

7 Nozzle Terra cotta oil Lamp

Probably made in Italy 1st.C BC to 1st.C AD. The peripheral nozzles alternate with male heads of which 4 remain.3 nozzles are also damaged. The heads appear to be dionysiac but not satyrs.The eyes seem to be closed in sleep.The nozzles are sup...


Bronze Minerva

Bronze  Minerva

A full face of the goddess Minerva cast in bronze as an applique. Roman.From Germany 2/3rd.C BC


Bronze Furniture Mount

Bronze Furniture Mount

A small bronze bust of a bare chested warrior wearing a Phrygian Cap coming out of a lotus flower. Presumably a mount from the arm of achair,hollow base and an extension for fixing at the back.


Spindle Flask

Spindle Flask

A large spindle bottle in Red Ware. North Africa. IstC.BC to IstC AD.

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