Powerful websites

Thanks to the powerful website, companies have several assets to develop their professional activity.

web design


Every company must have its own website like lissage-brésilien.com. The web portal improves communication…

graphic design

Graphic design

The graphic creation influences the notoriety of a company, its image, its belonging and its positioning.

web referencing

Web referencing

The professional referencing allows to have a beneficial return on investment for different areas of expertise.

your web projects to our agency

Why entrust your web projects to our agency?

Web agency

It is important to entrust the creation of business websites to an experienced digital communication agency, hence the case of the WAPHQ website. Thanks to the website, the entrepreneur will be able to reach more prospects and customers. The intervention of the Web agency allows to accomplish a better referencing strategy.

Graphic design expertise

Graphic charter
Graphic charter
Graphic standards booklet
Web design
Design of the web interface
Logo creation
Logo creation
Unique and professional logo
Visual identity
Visual identity
Brand name, logo, emblem, color...

Optimize your positioning on Google

    To appear on the first page on Google    

In order to benefit from a better natural positioning, it is important to know that Google’s algorithms adapt in real time to web technologies. The optimization of the positioning must thus adapt to the RankBrain algorithm (artificial intelligence).

SEO Audit

SEO Audit

Perform a complete analysis of the visibility of a site.

SEO Copywriting

SEO Copywriting

The importance of keywords in SEO writing.

Backlink campaigns

Backlink campaigns

Backlink campaigns boost a site’s top articles.

Think essentially about the user experience first!

UX Design

UX design aims to determine the functioning of a user interface. Its objective is to make it as efficient as possible. UX designers work on the user experience and the design of the interface.

Think essentially about the user experience first

Web technologies

    World Wide Web Standards   

    Software designed
in PHP


Nearly one in four websites like tout-brest.fr is powered by WordPress. It is the most popular tool for designing a blog or a website.

    Open source content management system


Drupal is a content management system (CMS) that is suitable for both beginners and professional programmers.


    French open source e-commerce platform


The PrestaShop content management system is composed of a front office and a back office.